Who We Are

The Organization

Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV) is a Cameroonian award-winning non-profit, non-denominational, apolitical organization conservation organization established in 2007 and legally registered in 2010 with registration number 154/E.277/750/BAPP in conformity with law 90/053 of 19thDecember 1990 of the Republic of Cameroon.


To promote inclusive, equitable and sustainable development initiatives in Cameroon.


We envision sustainable development of communities where everyone is aware of the environmental issues plaguing them and aware of the solutions, have guaranteed opportunities of sustainable development that enables them exercise their rights to food, livelihood, education, health, peace, while enjoying a life free from economic hardship.


  • To address gender issues and empower women socially, economically and politically.
  • To promote value based education and rights among children, youths, adults at family and community levels for universal development
  • To increase awareness about health, sanitation and hygiene in general, STDs and HIV/AIDS in particular.
  • To promote peace, Interfaith dialogue and bring Sustainable relief services to Internally Displaced persons and disadvantaged persons caused by natural disasters, wars and other pandemics
  • To alleviate poverty and strengthen livelihood of the poor and underprivileged communities through promoting sustainable agriculture, climate smart crops, entrepreneurship and agripreneurship, thereby ensuring food security, food sovereignty, nutritional security and income security
  • To address and reduce ecological degradation through, conservation of biodiversity, waste management, promotion of renewable energy and, enhancing local climate adaptation methods through mass awareness campaigns, advocacy and research and , plantations of forest species
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    Our Projects

    At SURUDEV we are always seeking for sustaianble ways to live and help you live.

    Here are some of our projects you might pick interest in.

    Conserving Wildlife And Endangered Species

    We design and execute programs for wildlife species in the montane and rain forests.

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    Saving Forest Habitats

    Forests play a key role in climate change regulation. Unfortunately, forests are disappearing at an alarming rate.

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    Promoting Sustainable Agriculture and restoration of degraded ecosystems

    We strive to prove food security and income of poor rural farmers in the ecological regions of Cameroon...

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    Our Gallery

    Our Activities

    As an organization dedicated to making the earth a better place to live, we believe that it is not just enough to embark on projects ourselves, there is need to get the people involved!

    Research on endemic endangered bird species

    Conservation of the Nigeria- Cameroon Chimpanzee in the Kom-Wum forest

    Research on the use of renewable natural resources


    Our Impacts

  • 5000 hectares of land conserved.
  • 1500,000 and more trees planted.
  • 20 schools trained and supported.
  • 20,000 hectares of forest conserved.
  • 40 water catchment areas protected.
  • 55 communities trained and supported.
  • Creation of Community Sustainable Poultry farms.
  • 50,000 and more trees planted with 19000 students.
  • Creation of Our community Sustainable Mushroom farms.
  • Provided alternative livelihood support to 200 forest users.
  • 150 rural women were trained and supported for sustainable livelihood.
  • 2500,000 people reached through our climate change and environmental education programs.
  • Two MoUs were signed with two councils to jointly protect water catchments areas to support rural farmlands.
  • 4 hectares of Sustainable bio-demonstration farm has been developed in Bongom Village, Donga Mantung Division.
  • 20 Montane and rain forest wildlife species conserved with 30 Nigeria- Cameroon chimpanzees conserved and at least some 500 Bannerman’s Turaco Species conserved .
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    Projects Completed